Lesson 158 — Academic Word List: Lesson 8

Part 1: Study the academic vocabulary list from Lesson 8. Make sure you know the correct spelling for each word. Please copy down any terms you still don’t understand and look them up via Google Translate, www.translate.google.com, or an English dictionary such as www.dictionary.com .











Part 2: Match the Words with their Definitions

a. based on personal preference or random choice rather than reason or system
b. easily seen or understood; obvious
c. a particular feature or quality of something, especially one that is important or distinctive
d. to expect or predict something will happen in the future
e. a specific part or region of a larger place or space
f. to recognize and value the worth of something or someone
g. suitable or fitting for a particular purpose or situation
h. close to the actual but not completely accurate or precise
i. to move closer to something or someone, either physically or figuratively
j. to add something at the end of a document or piece of writing


  1. area
  2. apparent
  3. approach
  4. appreciate
  5. arbitrary
  6. append
  7. anticipate
  8. approximate
  9. appropriate
  10. aspect

Correct matches:

  1. e
  2. b
  3. i
  4. f
  5. a
  6. j
  7. d
  8. h
  9. g
  10. c

Part 3: Vocabulary in Context: Sentences

1. Anticipating the worst-case scenario, the company implemented new safety protocols to ensure the well-being of its employees.

2. Although it was not immediately apparent, the underlying cause of the problem was eventually identified through careful analysis.

3. In order to add more information to the report, please append your findings in the designated section.

4. As a seasoned traveler, she could appreciate the beauty of the foreign landscape and the unique cultural experiences it provided.

5. By taking a proactive approach to employee development, the company strives to foster growth in all areas of the business.

6. In professional settings, it’s important to wear appropriate attire that communicates respect for the occasion and the people involved.

7. Calculating an approximate value can be useful when making estimates or rough calculations, but true accuracy requires precision.

8. The decision to implement an arbitrary rule for all employees was met with backlash from those who felt it was unfair and unnecessary.

9. The construction site covered a large area, requiring careful planning and organization to ensure efficiency and safety.

10. Examining every aspect of the situation allowed us to gain a deeper understanding of the problem and develop better solutions.

Part 4: Vocabulary in Context: Conversations

I’m anticipating the arrival of my new phone. It’s supposed to be delivered today.
That’s exciting! What kind did you get?

It’s apparent that we need to hire more staff to handle the workload.
Yes, I completely agree. We’re all overwhelmed.

Can you please append this document to the end of the report?
Sure, I’ll take care of it.

I really appreciate your help with this project. You’re doing a great job.
Thank you, it’s my pleasure to assist.

What’s the best approach to solve this problem?
I think we should gather more data and analyze it carefully.

Wearing casual clothes wouldn’t be appropriate for this formal event.
I agree, we should dress up and show respect.

Can you give me an approximate cost for this construction project?
I’ll need to check the details first, but I estimate it will be around $100,000.

The decision seems arbitrary and doesn’t take all factors into account.
I know, it’s frustrating when things are decided without proper consideration.

The area of the park is much larger than I expected.
Yes, it’s a huge space with many different sections.

One aspect of this job that I really enjoy is the opportunity to work with a diverse group of people.
That’s great to hear! Diversity is important in the workplace.

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