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Welcome to AmericanEnglishVocabulary.com , where International English Learners learn American English Vocabulary. Our website is geared towards English Learners from all over the world who wish to improve their American English vocabulary knowledge and skills. Indeed, learning English Vocabulary is the pillar of learning English since both comprehension and communication are dependent on it. The more English vocabulary you know, the better you can communicate and comprehend the English language.

We focus on three vocabulary resources to help English learners develop English vocabulary skills: Dolch Sight Words, Fry Sight Words, and VOA Vocabulary Words. Both the Dolch and the Fry sight words are lists of words designed to help improve reading and comprehension fluency in the English language. The Dolch Sight Words List including the nouns list, adds up to be between 350-400 total words. The Fry Sight Words List includes a total of 1,000 English words. The VOA Vocabulary Words is a combination of the 1,600 or so list of words from the Word Book publication plus hundreds more key English vocabulary via video format.

Here at American English Vocabulary we wish to help English Learners learn vocabulary quickly, and effectively, in a fun, meaningful way. We have designed hundreds of video vocabulary lessons and quizzes for English Learners to learn and thrive. We also encourage our visitors and students to participate and interact while studying our American English Vocabulary lessons via the comments section of each of our lessons. In addition, we offer regular webinars and audio-video conferences to our students taking our American English Vocabulary courses by e-mail to enhance their comprehension and fluency.

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What are Dolch Sight Words?

— Dolch Sight Words are a set of words that are the most frequent sight words found in children’s literature. These words include “and, big, can, do, get, go, he, I.” It is important for children to learn these words early on in life because this will help them with their reading skills and understanding of English. This set of words is used by educators throughout the world to help children become better readers.

— This is a group of words that are often used in texts and need to be committed to memory at an early age.

— Dolch sight words are a set of commonly used words which are introduced to children in elementary school. Some students may not understand the meaning of these words because they may be too complex, but many teachers still teach them to prepare for future success in reading and writing.

— Dolch Sight Words are taught to children for reading comprehension in early stages of development.
The words in this list are deemed “sight words” because they are the most common words in English language and it’s important for children to recognize these in order to read more advanced texts.
The list has 220 words, with 76 sight words taught by the end of first grade.

— Dolch Sight Words are a list of sight words that, if learned by children from a very young age, will greatly improve their reading skills. This list includes the most frequently used words in the English language. The list was first published by Edward William Dolch, who was a professor of education at Columbia University and then faculty member at the University of Illinois. He had been researching the use of word puzzles to help students increase their vocabulary and reading comprehension.

What are Fry Sight Words?

— Fry Sight Words are words that are frequently used in children’s books. They are used frequently because they are basic words that help with the reading process. Fry sight words often have three-letter phonograms, which is an important building block for future reading skills.

— Fry Sight Words are the most common words in the English language. These words are also the first 1000 words that should be learned by children. It is important to know these words for reading, writing, and comprehension. For example, “is” is a Fry sight word.

— Fry sight words is a web site that facilitates learning of the most common English words by presenting them in short sentences for review and memorization. The Fry reading vocabulary list was originally published as a book in 1943 and has been revised and expanded on numerous occasions.

— Fry Sight Words are a list of 1,000 words that should be mastered by young readers. These words are typically the most commonly used words in written English. The Fry Sight Word list was developed by Edward William Fry, an American educator and psychologist. Fry published his book “How to Master Basic Sight Words” in 1912. This list was re-published in 1949 and 1955, and has been revised since then.

— Fry Sight Words are words that are frequently used in children’s books. This word set consists of the most common words, which helps young readers to become familiar with them at an early age. By reading these sight words frequently, children will be able to master them before they enter kindergarten.
For older readers, it is said that reading Fry list words will help improve their reading speed and comprehension since they would have already learned these words by then.

What is Voice of America Vocabulary?

Voice of America, a United States-based news broadcasting service, has a vocabulary that is characterized by a simplified form of English. Voice of America has the second highest translation budget in the world and ranks third in total number of broadcast hours per year. The intent of these projects is to allow people from around the world to have access to unbiased information from the United States.

The Voice of America (VOA) is an international multimedia broadcaster for the United States government and is funded by the U.S. federal government. VOA broadcasts in 45 languages to many countries in Asia, Africa, Europe, and Latin America. The Voice of America vocabulary mainly consists of words from American English that are not found in other accents or dialects.

The Voice of America is a US funded news program that broadcasts news in more than 40 languages. The Voice of America’s vocabulary typically includes words from the language being broadcast, translating them where necessary so they are better understood by listeners. For example, Vietnamese speakers would hear transliterated words in the Vietnamese language that might not be common to their supervisors or readers, but would still be able to understand what is being said through the use of this program.

The Voice of America vocabulary is a collection of words that are broadcasted by the Voice of America for use by United States diplomats, journalists, and scholars.

The Voice of America Vocabulary is a program that helps people with their vocabulary for reading comprehension. It was created in the 1990s, and it’s still being used today. It exists to help people improve their vocabulary quickly with exercises that are built into the program. There are four levels of difficulty, with Level One being the easiest and Level Four being the most difficult.

What is an Academic Word List?

An academic word list is a list of words that are usually used in school or related to academics. They are often words that only an educated person would know, and their meanings can be hard to understand without context.

An academic word list is a list of words that are used in an academic setting. A person may choose to make this list based on the course they are taking, the level of English they speak, or both. This will allow them to work on their vocabulary and strengthen their understanding of academic language.

An academic word list (AWL) is a list of words commonly used by scholars and other academics in their writings. Universities, colleges, and secondary schools usually have an AWL that includes many words that are not typically found in other word lists or dictionaries. While some AWLs are compiled by literary scholars who study different genres of writing (such as literary fiction, poetry, drama), there is no consensus about what should be included on an AWL.

An academic word list is a list of words that are typically academic in content. This list can be compiled through survey or some other type of data gathering. An example of this is an article about the following term, “academic word list” which was used to describe this topic.

A word list is a list of words used in higher education institutions. There are many types of lists such as word lists for literature, rhetoric, vocabulary and specialist subjects. These lists are usually compiled to aid students with their studies and writing essays.

What is Topic-Based Vocabulary?

The topic-based vocabulary is when you are working on a higher level of vocabulary for certain topics. It is when teachers focus their word study on academic terms in one content area, such as science or math. The use of topic-based vocabulary helps students to build a deep understanding of the content and also aids them in building a larger vocabulary list.

Topic-based vocabulary is the knowledge of vocabulary specific to a particular topic or field. This type of vocabulary is often associated with academia, and is used to convey complex meanings and topics. The more you read and study, the more you develop your level of academic language and can use it in discussions with others in your field.

Topic-based vocab is a vocabulary that is specific to a certain topic, such as cats or food. A group of words are related to one another through association with the topic. This may be affected by the writer’s choice of vocabulary.

Topic-based vocabulary is a type of vocabulary that is not focused on the individual word, but rather on the content of the word. When this type of vocabulary is used, it provides meaning without requiring the reader to be able to read past the word. It also can be defined as vocabulary that has been compiled for a specific topic or subject, such as specialized terminology in a certain field.

Topic-based vocabulary is a type of vocabulary that is specific to certain topics. Topic-based vocabulary may be able to help bridge the gap between different cultures, as people from other countries can learn important contextual phrases from their native speakers.

Topic-based vocabulary refers to words that are usually used in one topic or subject area. Some examples include words specific to engineering, biology, and social studies. These words can be found in textbooks and informational articles about the subject.

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