Lesson 208— Academic Word List: Lesson 58

Part 1: Watch the video 2-3 times

Part 2: Match the Words with their Definitions

a. the subject of discussion or conversation
b. a statement or theory put forward for consideration
c. a central idea or message in a piece of writing or art
d. to move from one place, person, or situation to another
e. written or printed words that can be read
f. as a result of that action or by means of that
g. a system of ideas intended to explain something
h. a mark or sign left behind by something that has passed
i. a belief, custom, or practice that is handed down from generation to generation
j. to bring to an end or conclusion, often abruptly


  1. transfer
  2. terminate
  3. thesis
  4. theme
  5. text
  6. theory
  7. thereby
  8. tradition
  9. topic
  10. trace

Correct matches:

  1. d
  2. j
  3. b
  4. c
  5. e
  6. g
  7. f
  8. i
  9. a
  10. h

Part 3: Vocabulary in Context: Sentences

  1. The company decided to terminate the contract due to repeated breaches of confidentiality.
  2. I received a text from my friend asking if I wanted to go to the concert with her.
  3. The theme of the novel explores the complexities of human relationships.
  4. She presented a groundbreaking theory on quantum physics at the conference.
  5. The new regulations aim to simplify procedures and thereby increase efficiency.
  6. His thesis focused on the impact of globalization on developing countries.
  7. The topic of today’s discussion is the future of renewable energy sources.
  8. It was difficult to trace the origins of the ancient artifact back to its original owner.
  9. The festival is a celebration of our cultural tradition passed down through generations.
  10. The company invested in a new system to facilitate the transfer of data between departments.

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