Lesson 209— Academic Word List: Lesson 59

Part 1: Watch the video 2-3 times


Part 2: Match the Words with their Definitions

a. a general direction in which something is developing or changing
b. to carry or move goods or people from one place to another
c. to commit oneself to and begin (an enterprise or responsibility)
d. the act of passing through or across a place
e. to experience or endure something, typically unpleasant
f. to cause an event or situation to happen or exist
g. to send or pass on something from one person or place to another
h. to be the basis or foundation of something
i. to change in form, appearance, or character
j. being the best or most extreme example of its kind


  1. undergo
  2. transit
  3. trigger
  4. transport
  5. underlie
  6. trend
  7. ultimate
  8. undertake
  9. transmit
  10. transform

Correct matches:

  1. e
  2. d
  3. f
  4. b
  5. h
  6. a
  7. j
  8. c
  9. g
  10. i

Part 3: Vocabulary in Context: Sentences

  1. The caterpillar will transform into a beautiful butterfly after weeks in the cocoon.
  2. During my transit in Dubai, I had time to explore the airport and its various attractions.
  3. It is important to transmit accurate information in a fast-paced news environment.
  4. The company uses trucks to transport goods from the warehouse to the distribution center.
  5. Sustainability has become a major trend in the fashion industry in recent years.
  6. His rude behavior towards his coworkers may trigger a response from management.
  7. The ultimate goal of this project is to improve communication across departments.
  8. The patient will undergo surgery next week to remove the tumor in her abdomen.
  9. Cultural differences often underlie misunderstandings between people from different backgrounds.
  10. She decided to undertake the challenging task of climbing Mount Everest next year.

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