Lesson 204— Academic Word List: Lesson 54

Part 1: Watch the video 2-3 times

Part 2: Match the Words with their Definitions

a. a numerical fact or piece of data.
b. a particular field of activity or interest.
c. the origin or cause of something.
d. a location where something is situated or occurs.
e. to state explicitly or in detail.
f. being the only one of its kind; single or exclusive.
g. used to show that a name or term is not accurate or universally accepted.
h. to a moderate extent or degree; slightly.
i. clearly defined or identified.
j. firmly established and unlikely to change.


  1. specific
  2. stable
  3. sole
  4. so-called
  5. statistic
  6. site
  7. somewhat
  8. source
  9. sphere
  10. specify

Correct matches:

  1. i
  2. j
  3. f
  4. g
  5. a
  6. d
  7. h
  8. c
  9. b
  10. e

Part 3: Vocabulary in Context: Sentences

  1. The archeologists discovered ancient artifacts at the site.
  2. The so-called expert failed to provide accurate information.
  3. She is the sole survivor of the shipwreck.
  4. The new regulations will somewhat affect our operations.
  5. The professor cited a reliable source in her research paper.
  6. The project requires specific skills and expertise.
  7. Please specify the deadline for submitting the report.
  8. The company operates within the sphere of technology.
  9. The economy is finally stable after years of fluctuations.
  10. The statistic shows a decrease in crime rates this year.

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