Lesson 182— Academic Word List: Lesson 32

Part 1: Watch the video 2-3 times

Part 2: Match the Words with their Definitions

a. money earned from work, investments, or other sources.
b. to suggest or hint at something without explicitly stating it.
c. to point out, show, or suggest something.
d. a single person considered separately from a group or society.
e. something that motivates or encourages someone to take action or do something.
f. a numerical value representing changes in a variable over time, often used in economics and finance.
g. to include or combine something as part of a whole.
h. to establish or apply a rule, law, or obligation on someone.
i. the frequency or rate of occurrence of something, usually negative events or diseases.
j. to have a tendency towards or favor a particular opinion or course of action.


  1. index
  2. indicate
  3. incidence
  4. individual
  5. incorporate
  6. income
  7. incentive
  8. imply
  9. impose
  10. incline

Correct matches:

  1. f
  2. c
  3. i
  4. d
  5. g
  6. a
  7. e
  8. b
  9. h
  10. j

Part 3: Vocabulary in Context: Sentences

  1. The professor’s silence seemed to imply that he disagreed with the student’s theory.
  2. The restaurant decided to impose a dress code on Friday evenings for a more upscale atmosphere.
  3. The company offered a financial incentive to employees who met their quarterly sales targets.
  4. The incidence of car accidents increased significantly during the winter months.
  5. After much research, the data seems to incline towards the conclusion that exercise is key to weight loss.
  6. The family’s combined income allowed them to live comfortably in the city.
  7. The new software will incorporate advanced features to streamline our workflow.
  8. The stock market index experienced a sharp decline after the unexpected economic announcement.
  9. The dark clouds indicate that a storm may be approaching.
  10. The political party focuses on policies that benefit the well-being of each individual citizen.

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