Lesson 183— Academic Word List: Lesson 33

Part 1: Watch the video 2-3 times

Part 2: Match the Words with their Definitions

a. existing as a natural part of something; intrinsic.
b. to restrain, prevent, or hinder an action or process.
c. the basic physical and organizational structures needed for the operation of a society or enterprise.
d. to bring about or stimulate a particular action or process.
e. to harm physically or emotionally; cause damage or pain.
f. to introduce new ideas, methods, or products; make changes in established ways.
g. occurring at the beginning; first in order or time.
h. to deduce or conclude information based on evidence and reasoning.
i. to start or begin a process or action.
j. certain to happen; unavoidable.


  1. innovate
  2. inherent
  3. injure
  4. induce
  5. infer
  6. initiate
  7. inevitable
  8. initial
  9. inhibit
  10. infrastructure

Correct matches:

  1. f
  2. a
  3. e
  4. d
  5. h
  6. i
  7. j
  8. g
  9. b
  10. c

Part 3: Vocabulary in Context: Sentences

  1. The new training program is designed to induce a sense of enthusiasm among employees.
  2. It is inevitable that advances in technology will continue to shape our society.
  3. From the data provided, we can infer that consumer behavior has changed significantly.
  4. Developing countries often struggle with inadequate infrastructure for clean water and sanitation.
  5. The artist’s creativity is inherent in every brushstroke of his masterpiece.
  6. Fear should never inhibit you from pursuing your dreams and aspirations.
  7. The initial results of the study indicate a strong correlation between diet and health.
  8. The company plans to initiate a new marketing campaign to boost sales.
  9. The accident left him severely injured, requiring months of rehabilitation.
  10. Companies must constantly innovate to stay competitive in the ever-changing market.

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