American English Vocabulary: Dolch Sight Words – Lesson 15

Welcome to American English Vocabulary: Dolch Sight Words – Lesson 15. Improve your English vocabulary, reading, and comprehension skills by studying the Dolch Sight Words, an important vocabulary list which includes some of the most popular, often-used words in the English language. The Dolch Sight Words are organized by reading level, and include Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten, 1st Grade, 2nd Grade, and 3rd Grade. International English Learners are encouraged to pronounce each word numerous times, as well as use a translator and an English dictionary in order to increase fluency.

Part 1 – DIRECTIONS: Please read aloud the following words and sentences in English, then translate them and read them into your primary language using the translator on this page.

1st Grade Dolch Sight Words Review:

after, again, an, any, as, ask, by, could, every, fly, from, give, going, had, has, her, him, his, how, just, know, let, live, may, of, old, once, open, over, put, round, some, stop, take, thank, them, then, think, walk, were, when

The dog ran after the boy.

She asked him to sing again.

This is not an error.

Save any money you can.

He is as strong as a bear.

I want to ask you a question.

Let us walk by the river.

I would give you money if I could.

They need help every day.

A bird will fly far from here.

Where are you running from?

I want to give you a gift.

The ladies are going to dance.

She had a surgery last night.

John has a very nice car.

He asked her for her hand in marriage.

She told him that she was interested.

The burglar robbed his home by mistake.

Do you know how to play chess?

She wants to let her daughter go to the movies alone.

Many people want to live in California, USA.

How may I help you learn English?

The piece of glass cut his hand.

He bought a cheap old car.

She once forgot which bus to take to work.

He will open the door for the lady.

He ran over here when he heard noise.

Can you put this ring on your finger?

The Earth is round.

Some students study hard before tests.

The police will stop the criminals from robbing the store.

The nurse will take your temperature.

I want to thank you for your generosity.

The boys were laughing, so she laughed with them.

If you save a lot of money, then you will be rich.

You need to think carefully if you want to do that.

The couple took a walk in the park.

They were upset because they lost their money.

The boy cried when he injured his leg.

Part 2 – DIRECTIONS: Please watch and practice aloud with the vocabulary video below two or three times:

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