American English Vocabulary: Dolch Sight Words – Lesson 32

Welcome to American English Vocabulary: Dolch Sight Words – Lesson 32. Improve your English vocabulary, reading, and comprehension skills by studying the Dolch Sight Words, an important vocabulary list which includes some of the most popular, often-used words in the English language. The Dolch Sight Words are organized by reading level, and include Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten, 1st Grade, 2nd Grade, and 3rd Grade. International English Learners are encouraged to pronounce each word numerous times, as well as use a translator and an English dictionary in order to increase fluency.

Part 1 – DIRECTIONS: Please read aloud the following words and sentences in English, then translate them and read them into your primary language using the translator on this page.

Dolch Sight Words English Vocabulary Nouns Lesson 7 of 9

paper, party, picture, pig, rabbit, rain, ring, robin, Santa Claus, school, seed,

Try not to waste too much paper at the office.

He bought printer paper for his laser printer.

She read the comics section in her Sunday paper.

Let’s have a party to celebrate my new job.

If you party with your friends too much, you can waste a lot of money.

We organized a nice party for our new boss.

They looked at the new picture in the hall.

Which picture do you like the most?

She took a picture of us sitting on a bench at the park.

The pig was out on the streets.

She raised a pig at the farm.

The pig farmer takes care of thousands of pigs each day.

Many people want to have a rabbit as a pet.

The rabbit was hiding in the tall grass.

The wolf caught a rabbit in his teeth.

When it’s hot and dry outside, people wish for rain.

There is not much rain in the desert.

People don’t drive safely in the rain.

He gave his fiancée a ring to prove that he wanted to marry her.

She wore a nice ring made of gold and diamonds.

Did you hear the phone ring just now?

I heard a robin chirping outside.

We saw a red robin on the branch of the tree.

I let the robin free after I caught it.

The children left Santa Claus some cookies and milk for Christmas.

What presents do you want Santa Claus to bring you this year?

Do you believe in Santa Claus?

She went to school every day.

Do you want to take a class in an online school?

What is the name of the most famous school in your town?

The man ate the sesame seed desert after dinner.

The bird ate a seed from my hand.

The farmer planted the seed in the ground.

Part 2 – DIRECTIONS: Please watch and practice aloud with the vocabulary video below two or three times:

Part 3 – DIRECTIONS: Please watch the quiz video and do the quiz on your own paper. When you finish, let us know what you learned and your quiz score in the comments section below.

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