Lesson 196— Academic Word List: Lesson 46

Part 1: Watch the video 2-3 times

Part 2: Match the Words with their Definitions

a. occurring or existing before the present time or place.
b. of chief importance; main or principal.
c. the fact or condition of being regarded or treated as more important than others.
d. first in order of importance; main.
e. the best or most important part of something.
f. an initial step taken before the main action or event.
g. the most important or noticeable element in a situation.
h. to suppose that something is true without having definite proof.
i. a fundamental truth or proposition that serves as the foundation for a system of belief or behavior.
j. existing or coming before in time, order, or importance.


  1. preliminary
  2. predominant
  3. priority
  4. prior
  5. principal
  6. primary
  7. principle
  8. presume
  9. previous
  10. prime

Correct matches:

  1. f
  2. g
  3. c
  4. j
  5. d
  6. b
  7. i
  8. h
  9. a
  10. e

Part 3: Vocabulary in Context: Sentences

  1. The predominant factor in her decision to study abroad was the opportunity for cultural immersion.
  2. The preliminary results of the experiment suggest a strong correlation between variables.
  3. We cannot presume that all customers will be satisfied without conducting a survey.
  4. His previous experience in marketing is what landed him the job at the prestigious firm.
  5. The primary goal of the company is to increase profitability without sacrificing quality.
  6. One prime example of successful teamwork is evident in their collaborative project.
  7. The principal reason for the delay in production was due to a shortage of materials.
  8. The principle of fairness must be upheld in all decision-making processes within the organization.
  9. Please let me know if you have any prior obligations that may interfere with the meeting schedule.
  10. Safety is always the number one priority when it comes to operating heavy machinery.

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