Lesson 163 — Academic Word List: Lesson 13

Part 1: Study the academic vocabulary list from Lesson 12. Make sure you know the correct spelling for each word. Please copy down any terms you still don’t understand and look them up via Google Translate, www.translate.google.com, or an English dictionary such as www.dictionary.com .











Part 2: Match the Words with their Definitions

a. able to exist or work together without conflict or problems.
b. a group of people living in the same area or sharing common interests or characteristics.
c. to give money or something else of value to make up for a loss, injury, or mistake.
d. a fee paid to someone for selling goods or services on behalf of another person or company.
e. to begin something, like a project, event, or activity.
f. a person you work with, especially in the same organization or company.
g. an opinion or remark about something, often shared verbally or in writing.
h. to promise or pledge to do something, often used in reference to a serious decision or action.
i. a raw material or product that can be bought and sold.
j. to exchange information or ideas with others through speaking, writing, or gestures.


  1. community
  2. commit
  3. commence
  4. compensate
  5. commodity
  6. commission
  7. compatible
  8. comment
  9. colleague
  10. communicate

Correct matches:

  1. b
  2. h
  3. e
  4. c
  5. i
  6. d
  7. a
  8. g
  9. f
  10. j

Part 3: Vocabulary in Context: Sentences

1. My colleague helped me with a difficult task at work.

2. The meeting will commence promptly at 9 AM tomorrow.

3. Sarah made a positive comment about your presentation.

4. I need to commission someone to design our new company logo.

5. It’s important to commit to finishing tasks on time.

6. Oil is a valuable commodity in many countries.

7. We can communicate through email if you have any questions.

8. Our neighborhood has a strong sense of community.

9. Your laptop is not compatible with the new software update.

10. The company will compensate you for any extra hours worked.

Part 4: Vocabulary in Context: Dialogue

Joey: Hey, Rachel. Who’s that new girl in our marketing department?
Rachel: That’s Julia. She’s a colleague of mine.
Joey: Oh. She seems nice.
Rachel: Yeah, she is. Her first day was yesterday. We’re all going to welcome her today at lunch.
Joey: I really like the idea! Can we commence now? I’m starving!
Rachel: Sure, Joey. Let’s go to the cafeteria.
Joey: Great! By the way, have you met with the boss yet? What did he comment on your report?
Rachel: He thought it was great and asked me to present it to the team in the next meeting.
Joey: Wow, that’s awesome! Did he also mention the commission for the project?
Rachel: No, not yet. But I’m willing to commit fully to this project because I know it will be successful.
Joey: You’re such a hard worker, Rachel. I hope the company compensates you well for your effort.
Rachel: Thanks, Joey. But seeing the growth of our community makes me happy enough.
Joey: True. Being compatible with your job and colleagues is so important. It feels like being part of a big family.
Rachel: Exactly. Plus, having good communication within the team is crucial for success.
Joey: Absolutely. Anyway, let’s go eat before my stomach starts communicating too loudly.
Rachel: Haha, okay. And remember, lunch is on me today as compensation for having to listen to your jokes all morning.

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