Steps to Better English Vocabulary (Article 9)

How can you be better at communicating with others?

Most people struggle with speaking in front of groups because they lack confidence and self-assurance. You can overcome these issues by improving your vocabulary and communication skills.

Here’s a list of 7 steps you can take to improve your vocabulary.

STEP 1: Understand the Structure of the English Language

Knowing how the structure of the language works is key to being able to use it properly.

The sentence is the building block of any written text. It has four parts: subject, predicate, object and verb.

The subject is what is doing the action. The predicate is what the subject is doing. The object is what is receiving the action. The verb is the action itself.

A good example would be: “My car is red”. The subject is “My car”, the predicate is “is red” and the object is “my car”.

A simple sentence like this can be broken down into individual words like this:

“I have a car.” – subject

“Car” – predicate

“red” – object

“car” – verb

STEP 2: Use Vocabulary Wisely

Use the most common words to convey the meaning you want to.

To avoid using overused or misused words, try using synonyms that mean the same thing. For example, if you want to say “green”, you could use the word “colorful” instead.

It’s also a good idea to use words that are relevant to the subject of your message. If you’re writing an email about a trip to Europe, you may not use “Europe” or “European” in your text, but rather something like “the continent of Europe”. This way, you’re using a word that’s specific to the topic and will be more memorable and easier to understand.

STEP 3: Get More Specific with Your Vocabulary

Being more specific with your vocabulary means avoiding generic words and using the most common ones.

For example, you wouldn’t use “good” when referring to a person because it’s too general. You could use “nice” or “smart” instead.

STEP 4: Practice

Practice using your new vocabulary.

When writing an email to someone, practice using these terms to make sure you’re conveying the right message. If you get stuck, look up the word in a dictionary and try using the synonym.

STEP 5: Read

Read more books on the subject.

Reading more books can help improve your vocabulary because the more words you read, the more you’ll be able to remember.

STEP 6: Listen

Listen to the language spoken by the people around you.

The more you speak and hear, the better you’ll become at using the language correctly.

STEP 7: Think About It

Think about what you learn in the book you just finished reading.

This is a great way to reinforce new concepts.

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