51 Essential Words for School: Topic-Based Vocabulary

Part 1: Listen to the audio

Part 2: Read the vocabulary and definitions related to school.


In educational studies, the definition of a “student” is an individual enrolled in a school or educational institution. The student may be a person of any age with any level of intelligence and academic performance. In this context, a student is not an exclusionary blanket term for all individuals who attend school.

A student is defined as a person enrolled in a school or educational institution. The student may be an individual of any age, with any level of intelligence and academic performance.


A teacher is a person who has the responsibility of teaching and training students. A teacher provides instruction to students, often in a classroom or school setting, in order to help them learn specific subject matter or skills. Teachers typically provide education services at a certain grade level or at a particular location.


The term “principal” has been used in many different contexts. For example, in the context of an educational institution, a principal is the person who oversees the administration of the school’s day-to-day operations. The principal directs and coordinates various aspects of school life, including academics, pupil discipline, and other areas.


The assistant principal is an administrator whose duties include assisting the principal as well as helping to oversee and support them by assisting in administrative tasks such as hiring staff, handling paperwork, and managing discipline issues.


A dean is an academic officer that oversees a school, usually the head of the administrative unit. Some deans are also teachers, but not all deans are. They’re in charge of faculty and students alike, upholding the codes laid out by their institution.


A school counselor is a professional who provides support and guidance to students, parents and educators by helping to build the academic and personal skills necessary for students to achieve their goals.


A school coach is a person that trains students in the art of sports, whether that be for fitness or for competition. A typical coach will work with students in any number of sports, but are best known for their work with soccer teams. There are many different types of coaches, but all work to create a safe environment where student athletes can improve their skills and have fun doing it.


A school nurse is a certified and licensed health care professional that provides specialized services for children and adolescents in their educational setting. They provide emotional and physical health services, preventive guidance, and consultation to students, parents, staff, and other members of the school community.


A school clerk is a person who oversees student, classroom, and teacher records in the office of a public or private school. They maintain attendance records and grades for classes, organize documents such as transcripts and diplomas, and identify potential problems with enrollment. The office of the school clerk includes files for each student which contains their name and photo and any other information that may be needed to locate them.


A custodian in the school is in charge of cleaning the grounds in front of the buildings and in back. The custodian cleans tables, chairs, floors, windows, hallways, classrooms, bathrooms and many other things. The custodian also has to replace broken pieces of furniture or clean up after the kids when they’re finished with it


A chair is a seat for one person, usually with four legs. Chairs are typically made of wood or metal, and are held in place by one or more legs that are attached to the floor.


A desk is a piece of furniture with a flat surface and often provides space for writing and storage. Desks provide an easy and convenient way to store items, as well as a comfortable work space for keeping on top of homework and assignments.


A clock is an instrument that measures time, typically using hands or digits to show the current time. The word clock comes from the Latin word “clocca”, which means “bell.” Today’s clocks are driven by electric circuits.


A map is a representational image of the Earth’s surface, showing features  important for navigation. For example, roads are usually shown with distinctive dark colors at their intersections, and often with light colors connecting to other roads or showing tourism attractions.


A bookcase is a piece of furniture typically used to store books. While there are many different styles of bookcases, the most common style includes a series of shelves that is placed against a wall and the shelves are usually parallel to the floor. The shelves can be fixed or adjustable and can also be made from a variety of materials including wood, metal, and plastic.


Bench is a piece of furniture intended for sitting on. It can be a long seat on which several people may sit, often in a row, as for a public performance.


A computer is any electronic device that is used to process data. This could be for work, business, or recreation. The main function of a computer is to input data either by keyboard, mouse, scanner, digital camera, etc. The data are then processed through the computer’s system with the use of microchips and memory chips which are known as components. These components process the information in order to produce interactive text, videos, graphics and audio.


A tablet is a portable electronic device that combines the computer and the mobile phone. It features a touchscreen display, which can either be integrated into a keyboard or come with an external keyboard and mouse.


A computer keyboard is an input device used to input data into a computing system, typically a desktop computer. It often features typewriter keys that are arranged in groups or clusters, but it can also have keys that are not in the same order, or have gaps between them. Some keyboards may look similar to a typewriter so they can be used by people who are familiar with typewriters.


A computer monitor is a device used to display data from a computer, often the video output of the machine. Data is displayed on a cathode-ray tube or a light-emitting diode screen. Users can read text, images, and watch videos from a monitor. Some monitors have built-in loudspeakers to provide sound from an internal speaker, while others must be connected to an external loudspeaker using an audio cable.


A pencil sharpener is a device that is used to sharpen the point of a pencil. The shortening of the lead increases its hardness, making it easier to write with. A pencil sharpener can be hand-held, battery-operated, or electric.


The pencil is a writing implement consisting of an encased lead, typically made from graphite or wood, and a protective outer casing. The user places the point of the pencil on paper and applies pressure as they move their hand. This applies enough friction to wear down the pencil’s lead due to the softness, and thereby create marks on paper. These marks can be erased by using other materials such as an eraser or crayon.


A pencil eraser is a small piece of rubber that fits onto the end of an artist’s drawing or writing implement like a pen or pencil to erase mistakes. The user simply rubs it over the area they want to erase, and the rubber itself will act as both an eraser and a cleaning material for the surface. It is typically made out of natural rubber, but other materials like vinyl can be used.


A pen is a cylindrical object used to write words or draw pictures on paper. Normal pens are either disposable or refillable with ink through the use of a cartridge.


A whiteboard marker is a type of pen with a felt tip that can be used on a variety of surfaces. The marker contains an opaque paste which is composed of solid particles in suspension in a liquid or semi-solid matrix. A whiteboard marker’s ink is usually composed of water, glycols, resin, and pigments. Whiteboard markers have been popularized by their use as a writing instrument for large dry-erase boards found in classrooms and meeting rooms.


A whiteboard eraser is a rectangular, rubber or foam-padded object used to erase words on a whiteboard.


A notebook is a container that has sheets of paper. The sheets are typically glued together at the top, bound into cloth or plain paper covers, and then threaded with a metal or plastic spiral to prevent it from being easily torn out. The spiral binding allows the notebook to be opened flat for writing on both sides of each sheet. It is usually used for taking notes in class.


A textbook is an instructional book used in classrooms. It is often written by a professor who teaches the class, and includes exercises for students to do, definitions of key terms, and examples that are relevant to the course the book accompanies. Textbooks are typically designed to allow students mastery of all course content in a set amount of time.


A workbook is a set of learning materials, such as exercises and instructional content, that is provided for practice. Generally, they are designed to supplement classroom education by providing self-guided instruction and educational material.


In the academic world, a binder is a physical object that holds together loose sheets, papers, and other items in a set. In an earlier age, when paper was more expensive and not as readily available as it is today, binders were often used to keep together handwritten notes and research in the absence of a formal curriculum or course materials.


A ruler is a tool used to measure the size of things. Rulers are usually made from metal, but can also be made from other materials.


A dictionary is a compiled from words from a language. A dictionaries goal is to provide a list of all the words in a language, as well as information about each word – such as which words belong to which category of vocabulary, and how to pronounce the word.


An encyclopedia is a compendium of information in the form of articles written by an expert on any given topic. It usually provides extensive coverage of one or more major topics, along with some lesser detail on other topics. Quite often it gives general knowledge about any subject, including social sciences and the arts.


A projector is a device that casts an image on a screen or other surface. There are a variety of technologies used in projectors, including optical and digital methods. Many projectors can also be converted to a traditional cinema-style movie projector by inserting a 35mm slide.


A whiteboard is a large, interactive, and erasable board that is often used in lectures or presentations. The surface is generally made of vinyl or porcelain coated with a bright white material such as chalkboard paint. The whiteboard is usually mounted on a wall, and can be easily wiped clean using a damp sponge. Whiteboards are also used for brainstorming sessions and group discussions.


A classroom is a place where students learn and participate in class discussions, lectures, and work on individual projects. A typical classroom has desks for students to sit in front of and use as a workspace to complete their written assignments. An instructor’s desk is usually at the front of the room and the desks are arranged in rows to provide enough space for all students to easily see one another, while allowing for some individualized instruction.


A school library is a library that is attached to a school. The library usually contains books for people of all age ranges. The library provides necessary resources for the educational needs of the pupils, staff, and the curriculum of the school. It also provides research materials for teachers and other users in their classrooms.


A cafeteria can be seen as a place where anybody over the age of five years old can get their breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner. The primary objective of a cafeteria is to provide food for the children. Cafeterias are often subsidized by the government to ensure that low-income families have a place to buy food in a cheap manner. Many schools have cafeterias because it is necessary for children to eat during school hours.


A public restroom facility in a school is a room that contains at least one water closet, stall, or urinal for the biological needs of school children. The restrooms are used by teachers, students, staff members, and other visitors to the school. Students are typically required to use the restroom before or after lunch, recess break time, or any time during instruction when they need to go to the bathroom.


These spaces can be used for any number of reasons including sporting events, physical education, and informal play. It’s important for students to have access to these spaces in order to maintain an active lifestyle and stay physically fit.


In schools, lockers are used as a way to store students’ belongings during the school day. They can be found in hallways, outside of classrooms, and even inside classrooms. Locker is a word that comes from the Middle Dutch language meaning “to shut”.


The office of the school is where most administrative tasks are carried out. The staff in this office is organized into departments that each perform designated functions. For instance, one department may be responsible for scheduling classes while some other departments handle financial records and the transportation of students. There are also specialized units within the school office, like the security group or advancement team, who support these larger units by attending to day-to-day needs.


In a math class, one is able to learn the basics of mathematics and advance in understanding problem-solving skills.


A science class is an academic course that combines practical work and the study of the physical universe. Science classes explore both the natural world around us, examining how it works, as well as the human body, investigating how our bodies function. Classes are typically divided into topics such as physics, chemistry, biology, earth sciences, bioinformatics, astronomy and mathematics.


A foreign language class is an academic class that teaches students the skills necessary to speak, read, and write in a second language. It is typically composed of various foundational courses that teach basic vocabulary and grammar rules. Other courses can be taken at different levels to help students advance their skills. Professors have often spoken about how it is vitally important for students to learn a foreign language, as it enhances their cognitive abilities, supports cultural awareness, and opens up opportunities for future international careers.


A language arts class is a class that mainly focuses on teaching students methods of reading and writing. Students learn how to read and write by analyzing content in literature, such as books, and by practicing diverse techniques such as reading aloud and dictation. Language arts classes also engage students in creative thinking skills such as brainstorming and story mapping, which help them to develop strategies for expressing themselves through writing when they are not required to follow a set format.


This is a class that uses an interactive, hands-on approach to music. They often spend time listening to different types of music and what it does to the listener.


Scholastic clubs are a great way to learn about new things while meeting new people. They allow students to explore their interests while meeting other students with similar interests. Clubs can be a great way for students to share their talents and passions with others who may not have known they existed.


School registration is an administrative process in which a student registers for courses that are offered at their school. The course schedules are then generated based on the availability of classes in each department or level. Registration can be done in person, over the phone, or online.


A school registration form is a document that students and parents must fill out and provide to the school at the beginning of each academic year. The document provides information about the student and the parent(s) including basic information such as name, address, contact phone number, and emergency contact, as well as more detailed data such as immunization records history, previous schooling accomplishments, and other pertinent information.


An institution’s school report card is the final summation of the pupil’s academic progress. It includes a list of all courses taken by the student, their grades for each course, their hours spent in class, and the total credit hours they have earned. The report card also includes information about grades in core classes like English, math, social sciences, science, and foreign language.

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