Lesson 35: Fry Sight Words, 1st Hundred, Part 1

We are now working on the 1,000 Fry Sight Words, a set of high-frequency words that are necessary for American English reading comprehension and communication skills.  Please do your best to follow the directions below, as well as use the website translator to define any of the Fry Sight Words or related sentences you need to know better.  The more you become comfortable with the Fry Sight Words, the more fluent in American English you will become.

Part 1 – DIRECTIONS: Please watch the vocabulary video below two or three times:

Part 2 – Please read aloud the following words and sentences in English, then translate them and read them into your primary language using the translator on this page.


The First Hundred – Part 1

the, of, and, a, to, in, is, you, that, it, he, was, for, on, are, as, with, his, they, I,

Please bring the food to our table.

The boy wants to play frisbee with you.

He saw the wedding picture of you and your husband.

I am very proud of you for working on your American English skills.

Maria and Juan are students from Mexico.

If you can work hard and be patient, you will learn a lot of American English.

She gave the boy a candy.

The boy gave the girl a red rose.

Let’s go to the supermarket and shop for food.

The student went to school every day.

She lives in a nice apartment building.

The mouse fell in a trap and cannot escape.

The teacher is happy that his students are learning a lot of American English.

The student is preparing for an important English test.

Do you like to eat ice cream?

What do you like to do in your free time?

That picture is very interesting.

What will you do with that notebook?

It is very important to put a lot of effort in studying English.

She saw it on the floor when she was walking to class.

He is a good student.

Where is he going in such a hurry?

I was a student at a music school a long time ago.

Valery was not interested in going to the movies.

I want to give you money for your vacation.

The parents gave their son money for school expenses.

We live on planet Earth.

Which floor do you live on?

They are a wonderful family to know.

The students are studying English together.

She is as beautiful as she is smart.

He is as strong as Hercules.

Let’s go out to the restaurant with your friends.

He went shopping with his parents yesterday.

She was his girlfriend since last year.

The boy lost his jacket in the woods.

They didn’t go to school during the Covid19 pandemic.

They are all students learning English with Maestro Sersea.

Will I go to school next week?

I first met our teacher last year.

Part 3 DIRECTIONS: Please watch the quiz video and do the quiz on your own paper. When you finish, let us know your quiz score in the comments section below.

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